Lightning⚡ Node Mainnet

I briefly mentioned the Raspiblitz project some time ago and have recently learned a lot about the project, its functions and the Lightning network.

I had the first start with Raspiblitz on a RaspberryPi3, but at the latest since Raspiblitz has installed the BTCExplorer, the RPi3 is just too weak. When installing the necessary packages, the Pi3 hangs and can only be restarted by disconnecting the power connection.
Since another RaspberryPi4 with 4GB had been on the shopping list for a long time, it had offered to buy it now. Now my Raspiblitz runs much better and above all more stable on an RPi4.

I only ran the RaspberryPi4 with Raspiblitz for a few weeks in the mainnet to observe stability and availability. Today I switched my Raspiblitz from test to mainnet. 😁

You can find all information about my node here.

Those who are interested can connect. I am happy about every new peer and channel! 🙂

With this in mind .. Happy Lightning!

Get Blockchain

I added a new page.
There you can download the blockchain (soon) directly. The background of the whole is that Raspiblitz stops the torrents because they are hardly running or are available.

For users of the RaspberryPi3 this means in the future that they can only copy the blockchain from a PC or similar.
The RaspberryPi3 is too slow to sync and it would take weeks to finish.

For users of the RaspberryPi4 this means in the future that they can only synchronize the blockchain with the network or copy the blockchain from a PC.

Synchronizing with the RaspberryPi4 and a USB 2.0 HDD takes about 2-3 days. With a USB 3.0 or even an SSD it will be even faster.

Copying the blockchain from a PC takes 3 hours with the RaspberryPi4 and a USB 2.0 HDD.