StorjNode (StorageNode)

A few weeks ago I came across the Storj project and quickly became very interested.

You can virtually rent out your free space here.

Since I have several Pi’s and about 12 TB of empty memory, the project came in very handy for me. Unfortunately it was not possible for me to register for a key there, even for weeks and with different email addresses.

I then kindly received a token from a user in a forum that I could use for myself.

My first node went online today. The setup was amazingly simple, to warm up I started with my almost 500GB SSD, should it get full I’ll switch to my 4TB HDD. Since storage space is not rewarded so much, I want to wait and see.

The node has now generated 1GB of traffic in the last 6 hours. I think it works like in other networks that a certain lifetime has to be proven before the node is really integrated into the network.

I’m looking forward to it

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